The warranty is 2 years under the following conditions:

The speakers are intended for dry interiors. They should not be placed near fireplaces or other powerful heat sources. If you use a method of hanging screws for hanging, make sure it is safe. In Naaka, the crossover filter is located on the bottom of the speaker. The ink does not include a crossover filter, so the screws can be used, for example, on the bottom and back wall.

The stated power durations of the speaker do not tell you how loud the sound is. It provides information about electronic values ​​that cannot be assessed by listening.

Use the volume sparingly so that there is no distortion or other irrelevant sound. Also, when used at extreme limits, the amplifier can give a cracked signal that breaks the speaker. Strong emphasis with tone controls (bass and treble) increases the risk of breakage.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects, but not, for example, a burned-out voice coil of the speaker. This can be seen by the smell of the element or by gently pressing the speaker membrane back and forth.

Kuopio, Finland.